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Sell books or media

Firecracker Book Recycling owns an online book selling business, and we are always looking to expand our inventory of books, and media.  When you have books to sell, we would like to speak with you!  Other items of interest to us are CD’s (no bootlegs please), and audio books.

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Donate unwanted books

If you have books or CD’s taking up space, and you no longer want or need them.  We may be able to help you out.  We donate books to the local library, youth groups, and local shelters.  This can be a good option for people who are clearing out an estate, moving, or just getting rid of clutter.

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Sell college textbooks

Are you needing cash to purchase next semesters textbooks?  Or, do you just have a need for some extra spending money?  Tired of the low ball offer at the bookstore when you go in to resale your textbooks?  At Firecracker Book Recycling, we will pay top dollar for your unwanted college textbooks.

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    Items We Are Looking For:

    If you have any of the following items; Books, CDs, DVDs, or Audio Books, which you no longer want or need, we may be interested in buying them from you.  This can be a really good option for anyone who is cleaning out the items from an estate, moving, closing a store, or simply has books piling up  which are no longer wanted.

    What We Pay:

    Typically we will pay about $1-$2 for the average hardcover or paperback book.  We will pay Top Dollar for newer college textbooks, however they must be recent editions.  As always, there exists those rare exceptions, and of course subject matter  has to be considered.  It is for these reasons, that it is suggested  you bring all books with you for our evaluation.

    How It Works:

    We generally are able to come to you, if you have a few hundred books or more.  Just email us by using our form, or call and arrangements can be worked out.  However if you have just a few items (books or other media) which you desire to sell or donate, we may ask that you send us a picture of the items first.  The purpose of the picture is to make sure it is going to be worth your time to bring your items to us.  Otherwise, call and we can have you meet us at our Yukon location, where we will evaluate your books and pay you for the ones we can use.

    If you have 5 or more boxes of books, we will come to you.

    Just contact us using our form or call (405) 831-6442 to schedule pick up.

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    Free Pickup

    If you have 5 or more boxes of books, you may schedule a free pickup.  This service is available only for books which are being donated.  If you wish to sell us your books, please use our form or call (405) 831-6442 to make arrangements.

    We may also be willing to travel to you to buy your books!  This is based upon the quantity & type of books which you have and wish to sell.  In general, we are more interested in non-fiction titles for our store.  We are unable to take fiction paperback titles, in addition to encyclopedias, Readers Digest book, American Heritage, Time-Life Series, National Geographic, advance readers copies, book club editions, and International or Teachers Edition Textbooks.

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